Thursday, March 4, 2010

icloud: Your desktop, files and applications on any computer

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A friend of mine suggests that I should try icloud. First question that came into my mind is “what is icloud?” icloud is like having your own computer, your desktop, files, applications, gadgets on any computer. It is virtually your working environment wherein you can view your pictures, edit your documents and share it to others for free. It's like having your operating system on any computer where there is an internet connection whenever you need it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Techiesnitch Official launch: Birth of a techie blog

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techiesnitch is now open for the public after one week of preparation and I am giving away one (1) Genuine Windows 7 Professional Product Key for that. Watch out for the mechanics later this day. Invite more people for more chances of winning, details later.

Also, expect more techie post coming this week. Hep-hep, Horaay!

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Welcome! Techiesnitch is a place for technical information and technical guides! It should help you with your IT related stuffs.

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